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Activities to improve receptive language skills.

1. Point to the "dog"

Improve Receptive Vocabulary

Long before a child speaks his first words, he/she will learn to understand words. The app above can help your child boost his receptive language skills (improve a child's receptive vocabulary).

More animals

  • App. 1   dog, cat, sheep, & pig
  • App. 2   horse, zebra, cow, & giraffe
  • App. 3   sparrow, duck, chicken, & rooster
  • App. 4   bunny, skunk, fox, & lamb
  • App. 5   bear, lion, dinosaur, & elephant
  • App. 6   monkey, panda, rabbit, & squirrel
  • App. 7   butterfly, bee, ant, & ladybug
  • App. 8   frog, snake, tiger, & wolf
  • App. 9   fish, whale, dolphin, & shark



More animals - six cards



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