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My services (1:1 or group) for children and adults:

1. Articulation activities (teaching your child how to articulate speech sounds correctly);
2. Fluency activities for stuttering & cluttering (teaching your child how to talk in a manner that will promote normally fluent speech);
3. Phonological activities (eliminating your child's atypical speech error patterns by teaching and learning new, correct patterns);
4. Expressive Language Disorder activities (building vocabulary skills, answering questions accurately, telling stories by playing games)
5. Receptive Language Delay activities (improving listening skills by playing games - If your child has difficulty following directions or understanding vocabulary)
6. Augmentative and Alternative Communication activities (unaided/aided communication systems - modeling/teaching your child how to use symbols to convey messages)
7. Cognitive disorders activities (TBI, stroke, concussion - teaching ways to cope with them)
8. Occupational Therapy activities (crafts, electronics, gardening, music, photography ...)
9. Literacy activities - (Helping your child overcome or manage a learning disability and improving reading and comprehension skills by practicing HOP)
10. Provide Special Education Teacher Support Services -  by encouraging your child to work to the best of his abilities and to take pride in their achievements.

For children I am offering in-school or at home services (only for Kingston City).

* If you have a concern regarding your child, you can call a speech pathology clinic to book an appointment. I am not doing any assessments, but under the supervision of your S-LP I can plan, execute and document the treatment sessions based on the client-specific goals established by her/him. 

My services & resources for seniors ($15-$20/hours)

1. Transportation (ex: Doctor appointments, shopping ...)
2. Companionship (get together with friends or family, visiting friends, spending time in nature, walking, outdoor activities such as gardening, picnics, fishing, ...)
4. In-home care for seniors who wish to live at home but need assistance with basic tasks.
3. Cognitive & Stroke Rehabilitation activities (we will help you relearn skills you lost after a post stroke or accident)
     - by using equipment (for hands & fine motor recovery) ** ... see MusicGloves and FitMe (direct link -
     - by helping you improve your strength and dexterity ** ... ... see MusicGloves and FitMe (direct link -
     - by helping you communicate (using Supported Conversation for Adults With Aphasia (SCA™) technique)
4. Augmentative/Alternative Communication activities
Hobbies for Seniors - electronics (craft and construction); photography, playing musical instruments for fun etc.

Services are offered in English, French, Romanian, and ASL level1.

Prices - from $10 to $20. 
Individual Sessions
60 minutes $20
45 minutes $15
30 minutes $10

Group Sessions
60 minutes  $15
Equipment rental - $50/ month or $20/week (FitMe and MusicGloves)
Therapy materials for speech and language disorders - Rental - Visit us and we will negotiate rates that work for both parties.
What about charging based on the results? Everything is possible at

** No resources needed - I have all the equipment and materials necessary for all my activities.

Contact me today for a free, no-obligation consultation & quote.
For information on my credentials see About Me - Credentials
I am located in Kingston, Ontario, and service individuals or families in Kingston and its surroundings.
If you are comfortable online/via telephone, I am more than happy to discuss your needs!


What is MusicGlove?
MusicGlove is a hand therapy device that is clinically proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks.
It works by motivating users to perform hundreds of therapeutic hand and finger exercises while playing an engaging musical game.
How do you use it?
To use the device, you simply put the MusicGlove on your hand, plug it into your personal laptop or Flint tablet, and press play.
Then, follow along and make the appropriate pinching movements when each musical note floats down the screen.

What is FitMe? - the home therapy tool designed to help you retrain your brain.
FitMi was designed specifically to help people with a neurologic injury improve their strength and dexterity.
FitMi contains two wireless pucks and a therapy app that picks exercises for you tailored to your stage of recovery. As you improve, the FitMi exercises and difficulty levels increase to optimize your recovery.
Watch the video to see stroke survivors using FitMi.

List of the language therapy materials for rental.
  1. FD-27 Teach the correct meaning & spelling (Homonyms) - age 7 & up
  2. FD-28 Teach the verb forms - was/were
  3. FD-32 Teach contractions
  4. FD-36 Improve grammar skills & vocabulary building - verbs
  5. FD-37 Teach the seven basic emotions
  6. FD-43 Teach present progressive vs. simple past
  7. FD-46 Name common nouns, answer simple questions, increase the length of a sentence
  8. FD-48 Changing verbs to nouns
  9. FD-56Teach the verb forms - do/does
  10. FD-58 Teach basic concepts & follow directions
  11. FD-63 Work on Auditory & Visual Memory - Serial Recall 3-6 items
  12. FD-65 Teach changing nouns to adjectives
  13. FD-71 Teach conjunctions
  14. FD-74 Sight Words - 1
  15. FD-75 Help students understand Double Negatives
  16. FD-78 Words - identify, blend, manipulate patterns & create sentences
  17. FD-88B Exp& Vocabulary (Prefixes, Suffixes, Stems)
  18. FD-82 Comprehension - L1 & L2 - Main Idea
  19. FD-85 Figurative Language
  20. FD-86 Sight Words 2 & Sentence Building
  21. FD-100 Reading Comprehension / Summarizing skills - L1 & L2 - gr.3-8
  22. FD-104B Irregular past tense verbs
  23. FD-108 Editing-Proofing (Mechanics)
  24. FD-134 Teach Pronouns (Personal, Possessive, & Reflexive)
  25. FD-143 Teach the verb forms - saw/seen
  26. FD-146 Teach tenses - Irregular verbs (S.Present, Pr.Progressive, Pr.Perfect, S.Past, PastProgressive, Past Perfect, & Simple Future) - gr 2-8
  27. FD-151 Teach the meaning & correct usage of Homographs
  28. FD-154 Game to improve vocabulary & critical thinking skills
  29. FD-155 Teach the different meanings & spelling (Homophones) - L1 & L2 - grade 2 & up
  30. FD-161 Recall - Little stories for Auditory Memory Training
  31. FD-164 Help students learn how to change nouns into possessive nouns
  32. FD-176 Reasoning Game - with awareness of syllabication (blend syllables into words)
  33. Sound Stimuli - book 1
  34. Sound Stimuli - book 2
  35. Sound Stimuli - book 3
  36. Sound Stimuli - book 4
  37. Sound Stimuli - book 5
  38. Sound Stimuli - book 6
  39. Sound Stimuli - book 7
  40. Sound Stimuli - book 8
  41. Big Box - Sentence Building
  42. Big Box - Scrambled Sentences
  43. Funny-Bunny
  44. Pen.-Pile-Up
  45. Literacy - H.O.P. - all levels
  46. Literacy - H.O.F. - age 4-6
  47. Tell-Tale
  48. Get The Picture - problem solving and critical thinking
  49. 3D-Feel & Find
  50. AP-06 - sound "L"
  51. AP-15 - sound "P"
  52. AP-16 - sound "B"
  53. AP-17 - sound "T"
  54. AP-18 - sound "D"
  55. AP-20 - sound "J"
  56. CRD-42 - Teach words that are necessary for students to experience success in the prekindergarten and kindergarten
  57. CRD-44 - Teach words that are necessary for students to experience success in the early grades
  58. CRD-56 - Teach words that are necessary for students to experience success in the second grade
  59. CRD-58 - Teach words that are necessary for students to experience success in the third grade
  60. STRP-23 - Inferencing - Cause & Effect, Compare & Contrast, Sequencing Events - Attributes
  61. WCA-6002 - Build Sentences
  62. WFC-35 - Group Discussions - Social Issues - (abusive behavior, Government, Poverty, Education, Punishment, Environment ... )
  63. WFC-134B - Photo Cards Story Starters - for prompting the imagination of students of all ages to tell or write a story
  64. WHC-99B -
  65. WPC-777
  66. WSB-32
  67. WVC-888B
  68. C-58
  69. C-88
  70. CC-23
  71. CC-47
  72. CC-77
  73. GB-192B
  74. MAG-222
  75. MAG-333
  76. FAS-777
  77. FAS-555
  78. GB-346
  79. BGO-22
  80. BGO-444
  81. GB-42
  82. LNL-423
  83. GB-167
  84. GB-192B
  85. GB-39
  86. DD-12
  87. BK-341B
  88. SAS-130
  89. SAS-99
  90. SAS-124
  91. SAS-127
  92. Pop The Pig
  93. BK-357
  94. BG-654
  95. TPX-21401
  96. Smart Sketcher - 2 - for fine motor skills and eye hand coordination
  97. Pattern Blocks and Boards 1 - for spatial awareness, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, & problem solving
  98. Pattern Blocks Set 2 - for spatial awareness, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, & problem solving
  99. See & Spell - 58 pieces - learning to spell
  100. Dash Robot - problem solving & 'computer programming'
  101. Braille literacy device - coming soon
  102. Individual apps made by myself for your child - To Be Discussed
  103. FREE - You can use all my materials, apps and services found on for your personal, non-commercial use only.
  104. For more - please visit me!
If you are an S-LP, it will be a pleasure to work under your supervision*

    You can hire me as a CDA to do any of the following activities:

    1. Figurative Language therapy activities (Synonyms, Homonyms, Multiple Meanings, Metaphors, Idioms …)
    2. Everyday Sounds therapy activities (matching – Sounds to Photos/Sounds …)
    3. Pronouns therapy activities (I/Me, He/She, His/Her, Their/They, My/Mine/Me)
    4. Verbs therapy activities (Do/Does, Has/Have, Is/Are, Was/Were Irregular Verbs, present progressive, regular past-tense … )
    5. Wh inference activities (What?/Where?/Who?/When? …)
    6. Asking and answering - game activity (What?, Who? Where? Why? When?)
    7. Story comprehension activities (main idea, prediction …)
    8. Classifying activities – for age 4 and up
    9. Categorization activities - based on FD-79 cards and CLC
    10. Activities for children with limited speech or unintelligible speech (CV/CVC/CVCV - bilabial/alveolar/velar/palatal sounds)
    11. Auditory training activities
    12. Phonological Awareness activities
    13. Following Directions activities
    14. Sequencing activities
    15. Eye-gazing training
    16. Sound articulation activities (WPAC with 3000 words and 24 Phonemes)
    17. Pragmatics activities (politeness, solving problems, feelings, giving information, requesting, telephone skills, staying on topic ...)
    18. Core Curriculum Vocabulary activities (for Pre-K, First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade)
    19. AMQS - activities
    20. Auditory Memory activities
    21. Basic concept activities
    22. Literacy activities (rhyming - inclusion/exclusion; initial/final sound matching; syllable counting; initial/final sound identification ... ), HOP & LS.
    23. Modeling Prologo2Go
    24. etc.

    * Why should you hire me!

    I know how to perform my work, I have my own materials for activities, and I will be very interested in your projects. It will be a pleasure to work under your supervision.

    The price - $60/h or $30 for 30 minutes.

    Get Involved !

    We want to hear your comments, suggestions and questions. It helps us to continue improving our web services.
    To make a general comment or suggestion about the contents of our website, send us an email message through our contact form.