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Train Your Brain!

Improving Listening Skills in 3 steps - for non-native students learning English as a second language!

Step 1-  Alphabet Letter Names - Click here!

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Spelling - Slower Speed

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Aviation Phonetic Alphabet - ICAO

It is well known, some letters sound very much alike. When speaking over aviation radios, or by non-English pilots, a Phonetic Alphabet is used to help avoid confusion.

A – Alfa                  B – Bravo               C – Charlie              D – Delta                E – Echo

F – Foxtrot              G – Golf                 H – Hotel                I – India                  J – Juliett

K – Kilo                   L – Lima                 M – Mike                N – November         O – Oscar

P – Papa                 Q – Quebec             R – Romeo              S – Sierra                 T – Tango

U – Uniform            V – Victor                W – Whiskey           X - X-ray                 Y – Yankee

Z - Zulu

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