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  • B-Voiced-Bilabial-Plosive
  • C-Voiceless-Velar-Plosive
  • D-Voiced-alveolar-plosives
  • G-Voiced-Velar-Plosive
  • M-Voiced-Bilabial-Nasal
  • N-Voiced-Alveolar-Nasals
  • NG-Voiced-Velar-Nasal
  • P-Voiceless-Bilabial-Plosive
  • T-Voiceless-Alveolar-Plosives

B – Voiced bilabial plosive
C – Voiceless velar plosive
D – Voiced alveolar plosives
G – Voiced velar plosive
P – Voiceless bilabial plosive
T – Voiceless alveolar plosives
M – Voiced bilabial nasal
N – Voiced alveolar nasals
NG – Voiced velar nasal

In the production of [m, n, ng] the airflow is stopped in the oral tract (… if the soft palate is lowered and the airstream is free to flow out through the nose the sound is a nasal stop! … /m/, /n/ & /ŋ/)



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