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  • L-Voiced-Alveolar-Lateral-Liquid
  • R-Voiced-Alveolar-Retroflex-Liquid-Prevocalic
  • R-Voiced-Palatal-Tip-Down-Bunched-r
  • R-Voiced-alveolar-tap-and-flap
  • R-trilled-alveolar-r

L – Voiced alveolar lateral liquid
R – Trilled alveolar r
R – Voiced alveolar retroflex liquid prevocalic
R – Voiced palatal tip-down “bunched-r”
R – Voiced alveolar tap/flap

English has two liquid sounds, [l] & [r], both alveolar. The term “liquid” is an indication that the sounds flow easily (involving only minimal obstruction of the airstream). The tongue produces a partial closure in the mouth, resulting in a resonant, vowel-like consonant. 


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