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  • B-Voiced-Bilabial-Plosive
  • C-Voiceless-Velar-Plosive
  • CH-Voiceless-Postalveolar-Affricate
  • D-Voiced-alveolar-plosives
  • DZ-Voiced-postalveolar-affricate
  • F-Voiceless-Labiodental-Fricative
  • G-Voiced-Velar-Plosive
  • H-Voiceless-Glottal-Fricative
  • L-Voiced-Alveolar-Lateral-Liquid
  • M-Voiced-Bilabial-Nasal
  • N-Voiced-Alveolar-Nasals
  • NG-Voiced-Velar-Nasal
  • P-T-C-Voiceless-stops-target
  • P-Voiceless-Bilabial-Plosive
  • R-Voiced-Alveolar-Retroflex-Liquid-Prevocalic
  • R-Voiced-Palatal-Tip-Down-Bunched-r
  • R-trilled-alveolar-r
  • S-Voiceless-Alveolar-Fricative
  • SH-Voiceless-Postalveolar-Fricative
  • T-Voiceless-Alveolar-Plosives
  • Th-Voiced-Dental-Fricative
  • Th-Voiceless-Dental-Fricative
  • V-Voiced-Labiodental-Fricative
  • W-Voiced-labio-velar-approximant
  • Z-Voiced-Alveolar-Fricative
  • ZH-Voiceless-Postalveolar-Fricative

Phonetic animation

B – Voiced bilabial plosive
C – Voiceless velar plosive
CH – Voiceless post-alveolar affricate
D – Voiced alveolar plosives
DZ – Voiced post-alveolar affricate
F – Voiceless labio-dental fricative
G – Voiced velar plosive
H – Voiceless glottal fricative
L – Voiced alveolar lateral liquid
M – Voiced bilabial nasal
N – Voiced alveolar nasals
NG – Voiced velar nasal
P – Voiceless bilabial plosive
R – Trilled alveolar r
R – Voiced alveolar retroflex liquid prevocalic
R – Voiced palatal tip-down “bunched-r”
S – Voiceless alveolar fricative
SH – Voiceless post-alveolar fricative
T – Voiceless alveolar plosives
Th – Voiced dental fricative
Th – Voiceless dental fricative
V – Voiced labio-dentals fricative
W – Voiced labio-velar approximant
Z – Voiced alveolar fricative
ZH – Voiced post-alveolar fricative



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