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Natanael Dobra

  Dear visitor! - A warm WELCOME to my Speech-Therapy.ca website.

  Here is a short description of myself.

  I was born and raised in Romania and I came to Canada with my family in 2006. I was not a speech pathologist in the beginning.

  After university I did a nine-month specialization that opened the door of this amazing field.

I began working in Romania as a pedagogue and then as a speech therapist at a special school for children with special needs (children with mental disabilities, Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and ADD & ADHD). Then, I worked for a non-governmental organization “Benita” as a speech and language pathologist. In both places I worked with children having receptive and expressive language delays or articulation disorders.

I loved being a speech therapist in Romania at that school and at that NGO and I decided to put my creative energy into practicing speech pathology. All materials on this site are made by me except where otherwise stated. 

Now I am a CDA - "Communicative Disorder Assistant - or - Speech-Language Pathology Assistant."

Please be patient with me, it takes me a lot of time and effort to make these materials, software and articles ... and I am still learning things every day.


Thank you in advance for your interest in my work and projects.


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