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Welcome to my site!  

Speech-Therapy.ca is an independently owned website with the mission to improve the lives of children and people with speech and language challenges.

I’m Natanael, a Communicative Disorders Assistant who loves to share his knowledge and passion with others. I’m dedicating my time to this field and I am going to create awesome activities and materials you can use for free. That means you will be able to pick up for free any of my activities or resources and put them into action right away.

I began working in Romania as a pedagogue and then as a speech therapist at a special school for children with special needs (children with mental disabilities, Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and ADD & ADHD). Then, I worked for a non-governmental organization “Benita” as a speech and language pathologist. In both places I worked with children having receptive and expressive language delays or articulation disorders.

I loved being a speech therapist in Romania and I decided to put my creative energy into practicing speech pathology. All materials on this site are made by me except where otherwise stated. This is my personal portfolio website where you can see some of the work that I have done during my free time or during my practice as an S-LP in my country. .

Please be patient with me, it takes me a lot of time and effort to make these materials, software and articles ... and I am still learning new things every day.

You can hire me as a CDA to do any of the following activities:

  1. Figurative Language therapy activities (Synonyms, Homonyms, Multiple Meanings, Metaphors, Idioms …)
  2. Everyday Sounds therapy activities (matching – Sounds to Photos/Sounds …)
  3. Pronouns therapy activities (I/Me, He/She, His/Her, Their/They, My/Mine/Me)
  4. Verbs therapy activities (Do/Does, Has/Have, Is/Are, Was/Were Irregular Verbs, present progressive, regular past-tense … )
  5. Wh inference activities (What?/Where?/Who?/When? …)
  6. Asking and answering - game activity (What?, Who? Where? Why? When?)
  7. Story comprehension activities (main idea, prediction …)
  8. Classifying activities – for age 4 and up
  9. Categorization activities - based on FD-79 cards and CLC
  10. Activities for children with limited speech or unintelligible speech (CV/CVC/CVCV - bilabial/alveolar/velar/palatal sounds)
  11. Auditory training activities
  12. Phonological Awareness activities
  13. Following Directions activities
  14. Sequencing activities
  15. Eye-gazing training
  16. Sound articulation activities (WPAC with 3000 words and 24 Phonemes)
  17. Pragmatics activities (politeness, solving problems, feelings, giving information, requesting, telephone skills, staying on topic ...)
  18. Core Curriculum Vocabulary activities (for Pre-K, First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade)
  19. AMQS - activities
  20. Auditory Memory activities
  21. Basic concept activities
  22. Literacy activities (rhyming - inclusion/exclusion; initial/final sound matching; syllable counting; initial/final sound identification ... ), HOP & LS.
  23. Modeling Prologo2Go
  24. etc.

* Why should you hire me! ... I know how to perform my work, I have my own materials for activities, and I will be very interested in your projects. It will be a pleasure to work under your supervision.

Please contact me if you have any questions by using the “Contact Us form.


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